Everlasting Road

Everlasting Road

所属歌手:Leslie Mills



    The arrival of 'Everlasting Road' is a long awaited one. Leslie poetically, melodically, brings her undeniable charisma - steamy and quirky, angelic and gritty - ever present in each moment of weaving her breath and tone on an alt pop, soulfully alluring ride.

    Marking the first Independent Release for both Leslie and her label Tiny Violet Records, 'Everlasting Road' is painted with a range of influences. You might say Aimee Mann met Crowded House or Moby met Norah Jones at least once on this album...maybe the Beatles met them all. Whatever you want to call it... she connects the range of influence by her unmistakable voice, front and center.

    The title track "Everlasting Road" is one of those gems that's hard to imagine anyone else singing. But the beauty of this track is complimented by the rough electro-groove edges in "The Other Side" , the powerful swinging vocal pop mantra of "Don't Let It Slip Away", the nearing alt. bluegrass feel in "Along For the Ride" and the alt rock flavor of "The Tr


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