Blue Be the Night

Blue Be the Night

所属歌手:Lew Jones



    Blue Be The Night is a song written by Lew Jones in 1972 on SE 14th and Main in Portland Oregon while peering through a window contemplating communication from the sky. This version was recorded, produced and engineered by Daniel Crommie (Group Du Jour, Saturnalia/Jade Warrior/Grimm, House). Jamie Haggerty(Will Vinton, Penny Allen, Echo System) was also involved on the production of this New Weave Records compilation 'Time Code' -which is the original CD that Blue Be The Night was on. Kaitlyn Ni Donovan (High Violets) sang and played violin on the song while Daniel played synth and percussive sounds to Lew's sublime guitar and vocals. Jon Wager (Pink Martini, The Willies) played bass. A different recorded version was part of a demo request by Stevie Nick's label Modern Records in 1996 via music rep Steve Diamond.

    The New Weave version was also on Anthology 2 'A New Past' released in 2011. It was edited and lightly mastered by Fresh Tracks Studio. Blue Be The Night' was used for a corporation jingle in 2000.


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